Picture Books

Little Rex and The Big Roar

When making a lot of noise is a good thing! Little Rex loves to roar, and roar loudly! His mum and dad moan that it’s too noisy, but his baby brothers and sisters love it. When a pterodactyl swoops on the babies, it’s Rex’s loud roar that saves the day – and soon he’s teaching the babies to roar for themselves!

The Sheep Fairy

Wendy is a sheep with a dream – she wants to fly. Being a kind sort of sheep, when she finds a fairy stuck in a bush, she frees it and in return is granted one wish. So Wendy has the experience of a lifetime, flying across land and sea, returning just in time to save friends from a wolf..

Dancing Harriet

Round and round and up and down! When Harriet discovers hundreds of butterflies dancing in the sunshine, she is the happiest hedgehog in the world – and can’t help but join in. But her bliss is short-lived, because these butterflies will only dance with other butterflies … Harriet’s dancing paws don’t stop for long though, and she soon leads a band of different creatures into a dance that’s for sharing with everyone – even butterflies! A joyful story, bursting with life, to get young readers in a spin!

Mondays At Monster School

Even little monsters get worried about their first day at school. It’s a big step to take. Fred and Ted are two little monsters who aren’t at all sure they want to go…but once they do, they soon find out it’s fun. After a day filled with mud splashing and slime painting, some howling and growling practice and a good stomp and stamp, not to mention big helpings of worms for lunch – they can’t wait for Tuesday!

Also published as an early reader

Floppy Ears

Whenever Floppy Ears says ‘Can I play?’ Twitchy Nose says ‘No, you’re too little’. But it’s Floppy Ears who notices Fox creeping over the hill towards them, and gets them safely home.

Little Tail

Floppy Ears has a new little rabbit friend, Little Tail, to play with, and big sister Twitchy Nose feels a bit left out. Then Floppy Ears and Little Tail decide they’re not friends after all – and Twitchy Nose finds a wonderful way to bring them together again.

Little Rex

Rex was the SCARIEST dinosaur in the whole world. He had the pointiest of pointy teeth, the sharpest of sharp teeth and the LOUDEST
of LOUD ROARS! The trouble is everyone else thinks Rex is just a funny little tyrannosaurus. “I’m not little, I’m BIG!” Rex keeps telling them. Then one day he is looking after the eggs for his mum and dad when they start to hatch – and the baby dinosaurs are terrified to see a dinosaur as BIG as Rex!