Ruth Symes

Children's Author

Other Novels

The Mum Trap

Anna and her younger sister Gem, who is confined to a wheelchair after a road accident think they’ve thought of the perfect birthday present for their dad when they advertise in the Lonely Hearts column of their local newspaper. Hansome and fun widower, 40, with 2 daughters aged 13 and 10, seeks somone special. But Dad is horrified when the replies start to come in. To please the girls he reluctantly makes arrangements to meet four oof the women. All four meetings go badly and the girls are forced to rethink their strategy, with surprising consequences

Frankies Romeo

Frankie is appalled to hear herself assuring the girls at school that yes she has got a boyfriend. The more fibs she tells, the worse it gets, so she builds herself a robot. The robot is the utterly gorgeous Romeo, and Frankie is the envy of the school. Unfortunately, Romeo has a few personality flaws: he is completely self-obsessed, and doesn’t understand that there are some things you just don’t say. Frankie is hurt and offended when he tells her she’s not pretty enough to be his girlfriend, and learns the hard way that ‘perfect’ is not all it’s cracked up to be. Ruth Louise Symes is a very funny writer. Her characters are engaging and memorable: Frankie, who isn’t exactly a success at school, her faithful friend Darren, her genial but dotty parents, and dashing scientist grandmother. Her truthful picture of life at home and school is a solid base for a sequence of hilarious incidents in which Romeo creates a trail of disaster.

The Master of Secrets

For an English project, each student in Raj’s class has to correspond anonymously with another. Raj soon discovers that his letter writer is the school bully Gabriel, and worse still, he knows Gabriels secret – that he is a victim of violence from his step-father. Raj is faced with a hard decision.